True Blue Cloud Telephony Solution!

If you are a product manager who has had to deal with Voice communication – Calls, you must be aware of the term “Cloud Telephony”, it has been around for a while now. Although the term “Cloud Telephony” is true only in part. That part lies with the product manager that he or she can enable voice communication just by including a couple of lines of code, the other more important half is all the physical infrastructure that a “Cloud Telephony” provider procures and maintains. The problem with this solution is reliability as the second more critical part is totally under the control of Telco’s, its their calling capacity (E1/T1) lines that these “Cloud Telephony” providers aggregate and offer a software layer on the top to enable voice calls. Now telco’s in India and around the world are facing their own set of challenges e.g. low ARPU’s, lack of infrastructure, continuous maintenance of the hardware and oh as seen recently either a M&A (Idea and Vodafone) or an out right closure of business (Reliance Communication) etc.

Now in today’s world if a business faces a downtime because of unreliable services of the so called “Cloud Telephony” provider, its their customers who suffer the most, needless to say the cost of acquiring customers is ever increasing and once you have a customer retaining him is a whole new ball game – given the fact that customer today is spoilt for choices. This is here that effective and reliable communication becomes a must have. And it is here that Patch comes into picture.

We are a True Blue “Cloud Telephony” provider. Our solution is built for the consumer of today. We don’t have or maintain any physical infrastructure, as i said “True Blue” – “Cloud Telephony” hence there is no dependency on any Telco and their problems. We believe its not a businesses fault that a telco is going through a hard time.

Mentioned above is a problem statement, if you as a business can relate to whats been pointed out and your “Cloud Telephony” is a pain point, please feel free to get in touch with us happy to understand your pain point!

Stay tuned for the next post on what our solution is and how we have solved this plaguing issue. A little insight – our primary channel is Data – its VoIP and beyond. Good quality and reliable Voice Calls with smart Network Switching.