Part 3: Finding answers with Patch.

Its time to find answers to all the problems stated in previous blog posts.

Here’s what we at Patch feel will solve most of our communications problems

  1. Contextual calls
  2. Call scheduler
  3. Smart Calling

Let’s just take a closer look at the above-mentioned points with examples:

Contextual calls: We at Patch believe that the world needs Contextual calling. As in, one should always know “WHY?” is someone calling rather than just the WHO! The WHO has been addressed by products like trucaller and it helps to an extent but it’s the WHY which matters the most. Here are the examples:

  1. A HR person calling for a job interview while you are a bit busy in some mundane task, looking at the name you might choose to miss the call, but looking at the Context you can take a better and a more advised action
  2. A business calls you, trying to sell you something, while you are waiting for an important call. Only if you know the Context, will you be able to disconnect the call and keep your phone free from SPAM calls and be available

Call scheduler: Bigger the business, more the number of customers they will have and hence higher will be the wait time for you on their customer support IVR. We believe all businesses should have a scheduler in place, where the customer can just schedule a call at their convenience and businesses availability, there shouldn’t be any painful waiting in todays world. E.g.

  1. If I were to call my bank to request my KYC to be done, I should not wait on their IVR, instead I should be able to choose a time which suits me (is within business working hours) and schedule a call or a meeting by defining the context
  2. If I had a complaint about my DTH and wanted to call my operator, I should just be able to schedule a call with their CC and the system should then dial out and connect me with the right agent at once (someone who already knows the reason of my call and is qualified to assist me), instead of me waiting on their IVR to connect with an agent

Smart Calling: We strongly believe that a user should be allowed to do more than just being able to disconnect or pick up a call e.g. defer and redirect

  1. If you have read my last post you would remember how working parents promise their children that they will call them back, but somehow they forget in their busy schedules. Well we at Patch invented something called as “call defer” so say if you are busy right now, just defer that incoming call. Now if the caller was your daughter or son, they will see that dad is busy and he has deferred the call by 15 minutes (that means the call is scheduled for after 15 minutes) and Patch system will dial out and connect dad and child.
  2. When I go on a vacation, I set “out of office” on my mailbox, but I still end up receiving business related phone calls which isn’t good. So we at Patch invented something called “call redirect”, which helps a user to redirect any business or family related call to his colleague or a family member to attend, whereby ensuring the business doesn’t suffer and neither does your vacation.

We are proud of a few innovations that we have done at Patch as they don’t just signify our high technology prowess but also our high EQ.

Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions. We are here and we are listening. We are committed to making phone communications effective and efficient.


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