I don’t think the phone is Smart..

My phone is not smart – I do have a smartphone though!

If you are wondering about the topic of this article and thinking that the writer is confused – you are kinda right. I was confused when I first pondered on the question “is my smartphone really smart?” and then I decided to find out and list down the stuff, which in a way was bothering me about this device I was carrying. This article is about what’s missing in our smartphones.

Now since I can do so much with my smart-device that its nearly impossible to imagine a life without it, but still it so happens that whenever it comes to making or receiving calls, this smart devices seems to fail me almost every single time. Following are the reasons for me saying this.

I will put my problems as use cases:

  • I receive SPAM calls e.g. people trying to sell stuff now these calls are from unknown numbers off-course
  • I end up picking up all the calls as I am not sure which one will be of that delivery boy from my favourite app,
  • I call up the customer care of my bank and I am made to wait on their IVR for 10 minutes – its irritating to say the least
  • My 5 year old daughter calls me when I am in a meeting and I disconnect the call, but she calls again, now I have to pick the call (putting the meeting on a pause) and tell her that I am busy and will call back, to which she always says that u wont – yeah maybe she is right, it happens all the time
  • I ordered a cab for my dad as he is not that friendly with smart-devices and then I juggle between the driver and my dad trying to make them meet at the pick up point

This list can actually go on and on but I would like to save the rest of the use cases for other time. Thinking of these has got me exhausted as it is.

So today I am writing to seek answers and also opinions on how people handle these issues, are we all used to the way we communicate! Or do we deserve better and more out of our Smart-Phone?

This is end of Part 1. To be continued……..

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