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Imagine in today’s world how everybody always is so busy, specially people in the 15-32 years bracket don’t want to speak much, research shows that this age group of people rely on text’s and messages rather than speaking with someone. This behavioural change although has introduced some good things for us, it has taken out more. People now a days are more introvert, they find it very difficult to handle a sticky situation as they cant talk themselves out of it, the urgency of completing a task weather or not it looks important to an individual has vanished because now people don’t get reminded by a phone call but by a simple text message, which one can choose to see, ignore or delete straight away. All of this makes people procrastinate, that lack of human touch through voice, that connect is depleting and we took it upon us at Patch to do our own research and find out about the reasons. Patch is a mobile app based communications system; it encompasses two (2) major modes of communication mediums Voice and Text. The reason Patch was designed; was to bring smartness to how we communicate in today’s world. We all make and receive simple one-on-one phone calls and group calls, wherein some of us do have conference calls there are few of us, who struggle to add that delivery boy in the same call with a family member whereby saving precious time and energy. Well, hence Patch! With Patch, one cannot only make phone calls, it can instantly add more people in a phone call, it allows a user to drop out and join a running call. It will help you find a suitable time to call someone so that you don’t have to worry about disturbing him or her and yes you can get the conversation as text written in a mail. So there you have a system, which is smart, is loaded with cutting edge technology but is designed by humans for humans to communicate with humans. Patch is very gentle, polite and is your communications workhorse for a long time to come.