Those were the days!

“Those were the days” sounds a bit nostalgic and it is! In a happy sense though.

Well the first thought that comes to my mind when I think of my corporate life days, is of endless no. of conference calls, how we used to fret that they were a total waste of time but still how important and irreplaceable they were.

Being in Sales/Account management and having to handle multiple customers and internal teams, it was a nightmare to schedule, invite or simply join a conference call. Having to pull out those PIN / Passcode from mail while traveling / driving or being a mute listener to a call not knowing who is speaking, managers asking who all have joined & why was someone not invited in the first place, to the tune, where you ask people to go to slide # so n so & also check if others already have the presentation open and they too are looking at what you are.

The worst was either taking notes during the call (shorthand writing) for sending MoM’s (Minutes of meetings) post the call or just being happy about the fact that today someone else is supposed to send the MoM’s to all. PHEW!!!! Still get tired thinking about it all. Hence “Those were the days”.

Today we are on PATCH – a mobile app based, call conference solution which has made life super easy. For starters it is voice activated, a simple : OK Patch” Schedule a call for tomorrow at 4PM, invite A,B,C…… from my contact list and VOILA! Patch automatically finds an open slot which works for all the participants and schedules the call. Well to join, I get a call and all I have to do is pick the call up, Hmm! I also get to see who all have joined, OH! I can drop, add, mute people in my conference call WOW.

So the biggest pain PATCH solves for me is that it auto sends (if I choose) the MoM’s to all the participants of the call that too clearly marking the action items.

At last all I can say is, I am happy to be in the future & using PATCH………..